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Our real-time data enables you access insurance coverage for temperature sensitive items; giving you peace of mind.

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Cold Chain Visibility with Figorr!

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Never lose track of storage conditions and location of sensitive products. Figorr offers the following:

  • Real time temperature, humidity and location information of your cold chain products.
  • Instant notification when products are exposed to harsh conditions, risking their shelf life.
  • Auto-generated reports at preset frequency to provide summary of cold storage performance over a period.
  • Access up to 6 months storage data on the platform which could make a world of difference in settlement claims.
  • Geofence activities of your logistics vehicles and get notified if the fence gets breached.
  • Qualitative and quantitative trip reports on customer deliveries.
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Insure with Facts, Go with Figorr

Insurance for temperature sensitive products can be tough to access, Figorr’s data makes this process a lot easier. With our real-time monitoring solution, insurance companies can distinguish between risky businesses and non risky, ensuring they provide the much needed comfort for businesses while doing so profitably.

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