Supply Chain Monitoring for the Logistics Industry

With real-time visibility, we help organizations make timely and quality decisions that mitigate risks.

Supply Chain Visibility with Figorr!

The Challenges

Without Figorr, these should sound familiar;

Temperature control

Keeping perishable products within the recommended temperature range throughout the cold chain is critical to ensuring their quality and safety. Any temperature deviations during transportation, storage, or distribution can result in spoilage, reduced shelf-life, or even product recall.

Transparency and Traceability

Customers are increasingly demanding transparency and traceability in the supply chain to ensure the safety and quality of the products they consume. Logistics businesses need to provide visibility into the cold chain and ensure proper documentation and tracking of the products.

Expensive Maintenance

Maintaining a cold chain can be expensive due to the need for specialized equipment, energy consumption, and proper training for staff. Logistics businesses need to find cost-effective ways to maintain the cold chain without compromising the quality and safety of the products.


A report by DHL estimates that up to 20% of temperature sensitive products may be lost due to supply chain inefficiencies. 

Our real-time monitoring solutions address the various challenges faced by logistics businesses in maintaining the cold chain by providing a range of cost-effective solutions to optimize temperature control, increase transparency and traceability, and reduce maintenance costs.

With our solutions, logistics businesses can monitor the temperature of products at every stage of the cold chain, allowing them to take corrective action in real-time and minimize the risk of spoilage or waste. 

Our solutions also provide end-to-end visibility and documentation, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and enhancing customer confidence. 

Furthermore, our solutions are designed to be easy to install and operate, with ongoing support and maintenance to help logistics businesses save money on expensive maintenance and equipment costs in the long term.
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About Customer Stories


With our real time monitoring solution, Haultrac launched their cold chain delivery service across Nigeria providing clients with the assurance that products are continuously monitored . They are also able to present their clients with quality assurance reports for every shipment.


With our real time monitoring software, DHL can easily track and monitor the storage conditions and locations of their shipments in real time. With this, DHL can deliver top notch cold chain services in Nigeria to ensure their integrity is maintained throughout the supply chain.

Case Studies

April 24, 2023
From Hurdles to Delivering Quality
Our client in the logistics sector faced a daunting obstacle in expanding their cold-chain delivery service due to a lack of adequate monitoring solutions to ensure product quality during transit. However, they overcame this challenge by employing the cutting-edge technology of Gricd mote to track temperature, humidity, and location in real-time across Nigeria.
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