Enhancing Cold Chain Excellence Through

Real-Time Monitoring
Data-Powered Insurance
Streamlined Inventory Mgt

We offer a comprehensive suite of services that cater to the unique needs of businesses dealing with temperature-sensitive items.

Our Services

We are committed to addressing every challenges that cold chain business owners may face in their operations.

Real-Time Monitoring Of Your Temperature-Sensitive Items

Our advanced technology allows you to monitor the humidity, temperature, and location of your temperature-sensitive commodities and alerts you whenever deviation is detected. This enables you to make immediate decisions to minimize product loss and maintain product integrity.

Data-Powered Insurance Security for Your Cold Chain Operations

We offer unparalleled insurance protection for your cold chain operations, this allows you to insure your commodities that are often considered uninsurable risk. And in the face of unforeseen situations, we provide you with data to back up your insurance claims.

Advanced Inventory Management

Navigate the difficulties of inventory management effortlessly with our dedicated software designed to meet the unique demands of your business. Take control of your inventory with our inventory management solution and streamline your operations today!

Reliable Cold Room and Cold Truck Rentals

Our innovative platform transforms the way you access temperature-controlled storage and transport. It allows individuals and businesses to conveniently rent cold rooms or cold trucks anywhere across Nigeria.

Figorr Is Your Ultimate Solution
Provider For All Cold Chain Problems

Expand, Protect, And Streamline Your Operations With Figorr

Count on us for accurate, reliable, and effective solutions crucial for the success of your cold chain operations.

Discover An Innovative Way To Manage Your Cold Chain Business

Figorr is offering you a strategic solution that is dedicated towards the moving of your business forward. Explore our services today, and discover how our solutions can elevate your operations.

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