Cold Chain Monitoring for the Healthcare Industry

Track and monitor the storage and distribution of pharmaceutical and healthcare products in real-time.

Cold Chain Visibility with Figorr!

The Challenges

Without Figorr, these should sound familiar;

Product Loss

Without effective cold chain monitoring, the risk of product loss is higher. Losses and waste across the cold chain impacts on revenue and in most cases, the cost of losses are passed to end customers, making prices of medication astronomical. 

Harmful Medication

Pharmaceutical products have storage requirements and exposing them to harsh conditions can lead to changes in product composition. In cases where these changes are not detected and consumed, it may further cause harm.

Injured Reputation

Healthcare is delicate and repeated inefficiencies in a business’s supply chain management can lead to injured reputation on the company’s image. This affects how much your business earns and it’s ability to grow or sign on new partnerships.

Our Solutions

The World Health Organization(WHO) estimates that around 20-30% of vaccines are wasted annually due to issues with temperature control and cold chain management. 

Our real-time monitoring solutions help the healthcare industry ensure the safety and efficacy of temperature-sensitive healthcare products. We effectively help you monitor temperature, humidity and location and send instant notifications in cases of temperature deviations. 

We also provide analytics and reporting to improve efficiency, reduce medication waste, and enhance patient safety. With a reliable quality assurance analysis, taking proactive measures to curb losses and wastages is guaranteed. We’ve also partnered with insurance players to provide coverage in case of losses ensuring that you don’t have to bear the losses alone when they happen

Overall, our solutions provides the healthcare industry with end-to-end visibility, quality control, and data-driven insurance coverage for their supply chain operations.
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About Customer Stories

Cam Diaries

With our monitoring solution, Cam Dairies is able to keep a close eye on their dairy products in real-time. This enables them to quickly identify and address any problems that could affect the freshness and safety of their products, ensuring safe and quality products for consumption.


With our real-time monitoring solution, the NPHCDA distributed about 4.2 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines across Nigeria. They monitored the vaccines temperature, humidity and location, and also received instant notifications of any deviations which prevented any potential damage.

Case Studies

November 17, 2023
Enhancing Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Visibility With Real-Time Monitoring Solution
A prominent pharmaceutical company with a global reach faced challenges in maintaining the required temperature and humidity levels during the transportation of its pharmaceutical products. With a global supply chain network, the company needed a comprehensive real-time monitoring solution to address temperature variations, reduce product waste, and enhance overall supply chain visibility.
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