Cold Chain Monitoring for the Agriculture Industry

Track and monitor the storage and distribution of Fresh Agro products in real-time.

Cold Chain Visibility with Figorr!

The Challenges

Without Figorr, these should sound familiar;

Food Wastage

Temperature deviations in supply chain management can lead to food wastage. This results in significant financial losses for farmers, distributors, and retailers. This contributes to food insecurity.

Poor Market Reach

Lack of visibility during food transportation may lead to the produce This can lead to reduced market access and lower prices for farmers, as well as lower quality and safety for consumers.

Reduced Earnings

Temperature deviations can compromise the quality and safety of agricultural products, leading to reduced market value and earnings for farmers.


A report by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations estimates that temperature deviation during storage and transportation can cause up to 40% of fruits and vegetables to be lost or wasted. 

Our real-time monitoring solutions for agriculture help to bridle the cooling challenges faced by the industry, such as food wastage, poor market reach, and reduced earnings due to temperature deviations during storage, transportation, and distribution. 

We provide non-stop monitoring of temperature to ensure that agricultural products remain within the recommended temperature range throughout the cold chain, reducing the risk of spoilage and food waste. We offer remote monitoring capabilities to provide end to end visibility and control over the cold chain, improving the quality and safety of agricultural products, and increasing market access and earnings potential for farmers. 

In case of any temperature deviations or equipment failures, our system sends alert notifications to enable quick response and corrective action, preventing food spoilage and waste. Our real-time monitoring solutions provide the agriculture industry with greater visibility, control, and data-driven insights into their cold chain operations, ensuring the quality, safety, and profitability of agricultural products.
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About Customer Stories

Cam Diaries

With our monitoring solution, Cam Dairies is able to keep a close eye on their dairy products in real-time. This enables them to quickly identify and address any problems that could affect the freshness and safety of their products, ensuring safe and quality products for consumption.


With our real-time monitoring solution, the NPHCDA distributed about 4.2 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines across Nigeria. They monitored the vaccines temperature, humidity and location, and also received instant notifications of any deviations which prevented any potential damage.

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