How Environmental Data Logging Contributes To Easy Insurance Claim Verification In The Cold Chain Industry

October 25, 2023

The cold chain industry is one of the most complex and challenging industries in the world as they are responsible for producing and supplying temperature-sensitive commodities such as Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines, Food, and Dairy products. These products however require strict temperature control throughout the entire supply chain to ensure their quality and safety.

In the heart of the bustling cold chain industry, there was a Pharmaceutical company that specialized in producing life-saving vaccines, and these vaccines required transporting and storing them at a precise temperature to maintain their efficacy. Any deviation from the required temperature range could lead to the vaccines losing their potency, leading to wastage, which will be a great loss to the company.

One fateful day, this Pharmaceutical company was transporting a batch of vaccines and a powerful storm swept across the region, causing a lot of chaos. The vaccines were caught in the midst of this storm, causing the temperature-sensitive vaccines to be exposed to extreme temperature variations.

However, this pharmaceutical company is aware of the risks associated with dealing with temperature-sensitive commodities and was prepared for this unforeseen accident by taking the precaution of getting an environmental data logger and securing Insurance coverage for these vaccines.

Upon arrival at the destination, the vaccines had been compromised, fearing significant financial loss, an insurance claim was promptly initiated and the data generated by the environmental data logger was used to determine the duration and extent of the temperature spike, thereby establishing the cause and extent of the damages.

The Insurance company was impressed by the transparency and accuracy of the data and the claims process that would have taken weeks or even months was expedited. The Pharmaceutical company’s claim was promptly approved allowing them to recover their losses without any unnecessary delays.

The moral of this story is clear, in a world where precision is paramount and unexpected challenges are a part of the journey, environmental data logging is important.

Figorr provides a complete solution to businesses in the cold chain industry by offering both real-time monitoring and insurance coverage, therefore assisting them in identifying and addressing any issues in their supply chain operations that may impact the quality and safety of their products and also empowering them with data to facilitate their insurance claim verification when the unavoidable happens.

Take a precautionary act today for your business by getting our environmental data logger and insurance protection. 

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