A Recap of Figorr's Recent Event: A Glimpse into the Future Of Cold-Chain Business in Africa

November 11, 2023

On the 2nd of November, 2023, Figorr took center stage with an event that promised to redefine the challenge of Insurance and Visibility for Cold-Chain businesses in Africa – "Unveiling Figorr's Extended Horizon: A Step Into The Future of Insurance and Visibility for Cold-chain Businesses In Africa." The stage was set for a diverse range of visionaries, industry experts, and eager participants, both in person and virtually. It was an enlightening day that left attendees inspired and informed.

This event shone a spotlight on how businesses navigating the Cold Chain sector can secure insurance protection for their perishables, the role that Figorr’s Remote monitoring technology plays in this insurance coverage, and how Figorr is keen on empowering the cold chain sector with visibility and has decided to launch a platform where Cold-Chain Infrastructure owners (coldrooms/trucks owners) can rent out their facilities to potential users with visibility for these businesses.

The event featured an interactive panel discussion with a distinguished lineup of industry experts. These experts hailed from the Insurance, Cold Chain Logistics, and Public Health industries, bringing a wealth of knowledge and insight, treating the attendees to these insights, and sharing practical examples, leaving them with a deeper understanding of the challenges and solutions to empower the cold chain industry.

The attendees also had the unique chance to connect with industry peers, establish new contacts, and explore potential collaborations. This networking session was instrumental in fostering a sense of community and encouraging the exchange of ideas.

With innovative solutions and technological advancements, it became evident that the industry is headed for significant advancements. The discussions and presentations unveiled the possibilities and opportunities awaiting those ready to embrace change.

Figorr's commitment to excellence was evident throughout the event, and our dedication to providing valuable resources and insights to the industry shone brightly. The event was not merely a one-day affair but a stepping stone toward continued engagement and support for cold-chain businesses.

Ultimately, "Unveiling Figorr's Extended Horizon" was more than an event; it was a journey of exploration, learning, and growth. It represented an important moment for the industry and an invitation to step into the future collectively. The event's success lies not only in the wealth of knowledge shared but also in the commitment to driving positive change in the cold-chain sector.

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To experience the highlights and insights of our event, you can Watch the Live session on 


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